for teachers

why blnqr?

teach the way they learn

children aged 5-13 can think fast even while their higher executive functions are immature. Look at the way they learn a new language. So let's engage those modules for learning.

fun and challenging

blnqrs are free online learning experiences that help students learn faster by using the power of thinking without thinking

create a blnqr in minutes
neuroanatomically age-appropriate

an eight year old's brain is different than a 16 year old's—you can use blnqr to capitalize on the strengths of the 5-13 year old brain

ways to use blnqr

deep dive on a single subject

for example, you can assign a progressive curriculum of blnqr experiences in a specific anchor standard, such as fluency or spelling

follow common core

find a blnqr by common core standard number

practice sequencing

the young brain is good at learning and demonstrating sequences—these blnqrs encourage them to build ordered lists through pairwise choices


blnqrs are attractive and engaging for students who have completed their assigned work

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